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About CFM Home Decor

Experienced custom closet designs

Over 40 years ago, a design and decorating business was launched in the current location of this company.

In 1999, CFM took over the company and its manager, Hamid Talaei, who had had a lot of experience in the field of decorating both inside and outside of Canada, started to expand the business. He began working with the purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction by providing better service and more reasonable prices.

Since customers were fully satisfied with the new management, the company started to grow considerably, achieving innovation and experience in the production of closets and cabinets. Having managed to outperform its rivals, the company continued working hard by employing skilled workers.

CFM has 20 years of experience in residential, commercial and office decorating, including the production of closets, cabinets, wall hung vanity units and other kinds of wood products.The company, which offers the most diverse designs for paintings and mirrors, has gained popularity among customers in Ontario and GTA.CFM creates clients’ desired designs with the best quality and quantity possible.The secret of this company’s success lies in the cooperation of partners and experts as well as production without intermediaries, the use of high-quality materials and customer satisfaction.